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GLAO 2020 Virtual Annual Session Recording

Did you miss the GLAO 2020 Virtual Annual Session held on September 26th or want to see it again?  No problem!  The Virtual Annual Session was recorded so you can watch or share with your staff, at your leisure.  The recording includes the following presentations and Q&A from the day.

  • "All ‘Plastic' Orthodontics is the Same, Change My Mind"
    • Dr. Nick Salome - Sponsored by 3M Oral Care (33:02)
    • Dr. Mario Chorak - Sponsored by Henry Schein Orthodontics (31:02)
    • Dr. Eric Wu - Sponsored by ULab Systems, Inc. (28:16)
    • MODERATOR:  Dr. Jay Bowman
  • "Digital Custom Braces:  Are They Worth It?"
    • Dr. Brandon Owen - Sponsored by KL Owen Braces, Inc. (30:52)
    • MODERATOR:  Dr. Jay Bowman
  • "10 Powerful Strategies to Increase Ortho Production in the COVID-19 Era"
    • Dr. Roger Levin, Levin Group, Inc. (27:56)
    • MODERATOR:  Dr. Jay Bowman

We hope you enjoy the following programs that have been provided by our partners, to assist GLAO members with staff development and training.

3M Oral Care Portal - Provided by 3M

New Ortho Standard Efficiency Clinical Excellence - Provided by
Henry Schein Orthodontics (1:01:22)

From Putting to Driving- Provided by ULab (1:03:22)

Simple & Predictable :  Innovative TMD Therapy - Provided by KLOwen Braces (1:05:37)

Orthodontic Team Video - Provided by Roger Levin, DDS (1:07:31)

Creating Connection in a Socially Distanced World - Provided by Amy Demas, MBA, DTM, DFSS (1:00:36)


ADA CERP continuing education is not provided for these programs.

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