Resident Scholarship



The GLAO and TP Orthodontics, Inc.
Lindsey O. Kesling Orthodontic Resident Scholarship Award


  The Lindsey O. Kesling Orthodontic Resident Scholarship Award is offered exclusively to residents of the GLAO programs. TP Orthodontics, Inc., in partnership with the GLAO sponsors this yearly scholarship opportunity.

Lindsey had just graduated from Indiana University and was beginning a promising career in the orthodontic industry when accidental exposure to carbon monoxide ended her life at the age of 22. Her great-grandfather Dr. Harold D. Kesling founded TP Orthodontics, Inc., which is still owned by the Kesling family today.

Every day and all through their careers, the hands of an orthodontist will create self-confidence in young people. One of Lindsey’s passions was to help young people realize their potential. The Lindsey O’Brien Kesling Scholarship Fund was created to give back to the orthodontic community in a way that helps residents, by easing a small part of their financial burden, while encouraging them to participate in humanitarian efforts.

Applications are due by February 15th of each year.

Download the eligibility requirements and application. (The downloaded version is editable)
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Mr. Andrew Kesling, Dr. Dale Anne Featheringham, Dr. Donald Rinchuse 2017 Scholarship Recipients