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The Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO) is a constituent of the American Association of Orthodontists. Components of the GLAO include: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Ontario (Canada), and Pennsylvania (west of the Alleghenies). The GLAO advocates on behalf of its members and promotes the advancement of the Speciality of Orthodontics.




The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stay…
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away

                                                ~ Willie Nelson ~


Great poets and lyricists have a way of succinctly and memorably saying what we know or suspect but can’t often express with such elegance. While these words apply to so many aspects of life as we have come to know it, they also speak volumes to us as our wonderful profession edges into the new millennium. 

Forces impacting our profession come from all around. Of course we easily see the impact of general dentists doing orthodontics and the role of government in such things as HIPAA or the Affordable Care Act. I would contend that technology and economics will have a far greater effect on our profession as the new millennium unfolds. Only collectively as members of the AAO and GLAO can we help shape a future that sees our profession continue to bloom. If we can’t see the value of membership, choosing instead to ‘go-it-on-our-own’, we surely risk becoming new millennial blacksmiths. We owe it to our profession and to the communities we serve to see Orthodontics thrive into the future.

Having spent the greater part of my career working for our association(s) in various capacities I understand the frustrations so many members feel about what we ‘should do’ or why ‘aren’t we doing’ this or that. I assure everyone, that the GLAO and AAO are earnestly cultivating a shared vision amongst a diversity of views and still provide leadership within the confines of legal, political and ethical realities. What really matters is that we need to pool our diverse talents and work together. That’s what our Association does better than any one of us can do alone.

Your dues and assessment dollars are really doing far more than any of us could hope to accomplish alone. Membership matters today and every tomorrow yet to come.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to Grand Rapids, September 24-26, 2015 for the GLAO Annual Session entitled “Art and Orthodontics”. Our members will have the opportunity to attend a series of fine lectures and gain some essential and required CE. There is absolutely something new and worthwhile for even the most experienced or jaded amongst us. In addition, the staff and joint sessions will be great, so bring everyone along for a team building experience. At the same time you will experience ArtPrize, the largest fine arts competition in the world (http://www.artprize.org). Grand Rapids weather at the autumnal equinox tends to be pleasant, mild and sunny. ArtPrize is a total sensory delight with tangible excitement that you should really experience at least once in your lifetime. You won’t regret it, in fact, you can write it off, get CE and have a great time to boot.

This is my personal invitation for you to come to my home town for what I assure you will be a wonderful weekend.

CLICK HERE for more information and to book your hotel under the GLAO room block.  Everyone else already knows how cool this is and you don’t want them to scoop your room.

Gregory Oppenhuizen
President GLAO