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Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists

The Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists (GLAO) is a constituent of the American Association of Orthodontists. Components of the GLAO include: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Ontario (Canada), and Pennsylvania (west of the Alleghenies).

2014 Annual Session Logo 3 - Small
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2014 GLAO-MSO Combined Annual Session

Join your colleagues with the Midwestern Society of Orthodontists at the combined 2014 Annual Session with the Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists in downtown Chicago.



Message from the GLAO President

Dr. Phillip J. Beckwith


It is an honor and privilege to serve as president of Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists. 

I would like to thank Michael Sherman for his great job as President of the Great Lakes.  Our meeting at the Broadmoor was memorable for the scientific program, for the beauty of the hotel and surroundings, and as always for the chance to see old friends and colleagues and to develop new relationships. Michael has had a long and distinguished tenure on the Great Lakes Board of Directors. And he is not finished!  We are looking forward to his continued involvement as our new Editor.

Having said that, I would be remiss if I did not express appreciation to our former Editor, John Monticello. John served as Editor for 12 years! His service was remarkable for its dedication, creativity and innovation. Thanks very much to Dr. Monticello, who will continue his service to the GLAO as Secretary-Treasurer.

You are no doubt aware that the Treasury Department recently relaxed the “use or lose” requirement for FSA’s. Participants may now carry $500 over into next year. This was not an arbitrary decision. Many individuals, employers and organizations like the AAO lobbied for this patient friendly change. Such events are evidence that our PAC contributions can and do have and influence in Washington. I encourage all Great Lakes members to contribute regularly to the AAO PAC. Without a lobbying effort, we simply become invisible to legislators.  An occasional contribution is certainly better than none. But an ongoing annual contribution will go a long way toward making sure that the interests of our profession, and those of our patients, will be considered in national politics.

I am an advocate of the AAO’s Consumer Awareness Program. It matters that consumers understand the difference between the specialist and non-specialist when they are choosing providers. And there is evidence that the program is achieving success in making patients aware of the distinction. But our message must be given repeatedly, over a long period of time. A half-hearted effort will not work. I encourage our delegates to the AAO House of Delegates to support the CAP at a high level of commitment.

We can hope that events external to us will unfold in a fashion that we find favorable. But why should they? The fact is, unless we act in the present, someone else will be authors of our future. The PAC and CAP are ways that we can influence events to make them more favorable to ourselves and our patients. But in order to assure that these efforts continue into the future, we will need membership that continues to be engaged. It should be a priority within the GLAO to encourage younger orthodontists to join the organization, become active and advance into leadership.

Our 2014 Annual Session will be held in Chicago, September 11-13. Chicago is a great city, easily accessible from anywhere in our region. If you rarely attend, or have never been to, an annual session, this is a perfect opportunity to begin the membership experience. If, like me, you are a veteran, I look forward to seeing you again.

Phil Beckwith


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