J. Martin Palomo, D.D.S., M.S.D.
9601 Chester Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44106

PH: 216-368-2449

President's Report as of August 15, 2023


Immediate Past President


Valerie Martone, D.M.D., M.S.D.
259 College Ave.
Beaver, PA 15009

PH: 724-775-8187

President's Report as of August 14, 2022



Kelton T. Stewart, D.D.S., M.S.
1121 W. Michigan Street, RM 206
Indianapolis, IN  46202

PH:  317-278-1087

Vice President

Dr. Scott Schulz
Scott O. Schulz, D.D.S., M.S.
4952 Skyview Ct., Suite B
Traverse City, MI 49684

PH: 231-929-3200


Dr. Marian Wolford
Marian Wolford, D.M.D., M.S.
3230 W. 38th Street
Erie, PA 16506-4202

PH: 814-835-3888


Dr. Shermanh

Michael W. Sherman, BSc, D.D.S., MSc, MBA
31 Disera Drive, Suite 240
Thornhill, ON L4J 0A7  


Executive Director

Debbie Nunner, CAE
400 W. Wilson Bridge Road, Suite 120
Worthington, OH 43085

[email protected] 

PH: 614-228-4710

Leaders Directory

AAO Council Representatives


Dr. Jashleen Bedi
COC report as of July 18, 2023
AAO CAP & Member Communications

Governmental Advocacy

Dr. Valerie Martone
COGA Report as of August 15, 2023
Special Committee on Women Orthodontists as of August 15, 2023

Orthodontic Practice

Dr. Lana Helms
COOP Report as of August 15, 2023

embership, Ethics,
and Judicial Concerns

Dr. Stephen Belli
COMJEC Report as of February 20, 2023

Orthodontic Education

Dr. J. Martin Palomo
COE Report as of April 29, 2023

Orthodontic Benefits

Dr. Tasha Hall
COB Report as of July 19, 2023

Scientific Affairs

Dr. Marilia Yatabe Ioshida
COSA Report as of August 15, 2023

New and Younger Members

Dr. Kaitrin Kramer
CONYM Board Report May 15, 2023

2023 Delegates

 Dr. Valerie D. Martone- CHAIR
 Dr. J. Martin Palomo
 Dr. Jashleen Bedi
 Dr. Kelton Stewart
 Dr. Allison Bergdoll
 Dr. Josephine Weeden
 Dr. John Monticello

2023 Alternate Delegates

Dr. Mariela Anderson
Dr. Nelson (Nick) Hersh
Dr. Drew Smith
Dr. Tarek ElShebiny


Component Directors


Dr. Tasha Hall

ABO Director

Dr. Anthony M. Puntillo
ABO Update as of August 15, 2023


Dr. Phillip Beckwith
AAO PAC Report as of August 15, 2023
AAO National Advocacy Network


Dr. Mark E. Berkman
AAOF Report as of June 19, 2018

Click here to view the list of Past Presidents


Consider Serving the GLAO in a Leadership Capacity!



The AAO House of Delegates is the ultimate governing body of the AAO and meets every year at the AAO annual session. Members of the Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists serve as our representatives to the AAO House of Delegates. Delegates and Alternate Delegates are elected annually by the GLAO membership. Those elected will serve a two-year term.

The GLAO Nominating Committee is seeking interested and qualified candidates to serve at the AAO House of Delegates.

Click here to view the position description.

If you are interested in serving the GLAO as a Delegate at the 2025 and 2026 AAO House of Delegates, please submit a letter of interest to the GLAO office at [email protected] by March 1, 2024. If you have any questions about this position, please contact the GLAO office (877-274-6420; [email protected]). Thank you for your consideration!

The Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists

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